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Psychology Unit 2

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This site is for those studying Edexcel AS/A2 Psychology. 

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mental processes. There are a number of different fields within psychology such as sports, health, clinical, memory, criminology etc. The content that will be covered here will be: Social & Cognitive psychology; Biological, Learning & Psychodynamic approach; Criminology & Child psychology; and Clinical, Issues & Debates.

Please be aware that this site will not guarantee you any grade and is only here to aid revision.

Also, have look on the FAQ where you can get advice on the things you need help on in terms of exam technique, revision, resources etc. However, there is bound to be questions that are not there, so If there are questions that you want answered leave a message at the bottom of this page and it will be answered and on the FAQ ASAP!

For those that want more information for other topics, sites like: will be very useful, for extra help, all you need to do is create a free account and you're sorted!

The A-level course is split up into 4 units.

This is a break-down of the whole Psychology A-level:

Course Outline

Unit 1: Social and cognitive Psychology

1hr20 mins paper

40% of total AS mark, 20% of total A Level mark

Unit 2: Understanding the Individual

1hr40 mins paper

60% of total AS mark, 30% of total A Level mark

Unit 3: Applications of Psychology (Child, Criminological)

1hr 30 mins paper

40% of total A2 mark, 20% of total A Level mark

Unit 4: How Psychology Works (Clinical, Debates and Issues)

2hr paper

60% of total A2 mark, 30% of total A Level mark
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